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Hasenway Major Tom (Aust) (Imp IID) 'A' 'Z' Gold Medal Winner 2018 Aust GSD National

NZ CH Oakway Kudos 'A' 'Z' Silver Medal Winner 2017 NZ GSD National  

Kudee has been inseminated in June 2018, puppies due in August :) , Tommy is a outstanding young male with a pedigree to match. Enquires for this litter to  Trent Bray; [email protected] 

VA  Germany Djambo von Fichtenschlag (Imp Germ to Aust)

Oakway Xquizite 'A' 'Z' Multi Specialist In Show Winner - Puppy Seigerein NZ GSD National 2017

NZ CH Oakway Shamrock 'A' 'Z'

Gold Medal & Multi Specialist In Show Winner

VA  Germany Djambo von Fichtenschlag (Imp Germ to Aust)
Australia Gold Medal Winner 2017 GSD National
We are very excited to be introducing Djambo into our kennels. He is an outstanding dog that has produced quality progeny throughout the world. Having seen him only days after he came into Australia at the National in Brisbane where he won the Gold Medal, he really is a exceptional specimen on the German Shepherd Breed.
Dolly and Shami will be inseminated with Djambo in June/July 2018
Aust CH Erocia Catch Me if You Can 'A''Z'
Dual Australian Gold Medal Winner 2016/17

CH Oakway Mix It Up 'A' 'Z' Multi Gold Medal Winner

Amber will be inseminated with Clyde at the end of 2018 early 2019. Clyde is an outstanding male that comes from proven producing lines. He has had one of the best progeny groups at the Australian national the last two years.